Friday, April 6, 2012

It's An Easter Bunny!

I'm sure there will be a million bunnies floating around this weekend but who doesn't love millions of bunnies so I'm adding one more. Overall I am so not happy with this mani. If I were to do it again I would do a few things differently but hey, learning curve. It is a bit hard to do spring and Easter themes with darker colors but I wanted to give it a shot anyway. Not in love with the results but eh, not bad for my first attempt. Check out these bunny ears:

My bunny looks like he's paranoid and just got spooked by a twig snapping sound nearby. I didn't take any pics of the bunny on the other hand but let's just say he looks even less mentally stable. I experimented a lot with this mani and to me at least it shows. I made bunny ears with a toothpick as a small dotting tool because I am a doofus and forgot I had a white striper. I used the white striper on my toes just to test later on and they came out so much better. Lesson learned. I was concerned that the polka dot colors wouldn't show as well on the blue main color (Secret Peri-wink-le) so I did all the dots in white first, then went over each with a separate color. It worked well enough but I had some issues with accuracy when re-dotting as you can see by the orange in particular. Some were too large and overlapped or too small and the white showed at the edges. I think some practice and real dotting tools of different sizes will remedy that in the future. Texture wise I learned that double dots (that should catch on, cause it's totally fun to say... you're doing it right now aren't you... you should be.. double dots) even with a thick top coat to try to even them out are weird and bumpy. That part was actually kind of fun, maybe I can do it on purpose for some other mani and see where that heads. This was also the first time I've experienced a real difference in formulas between different polishes. While dotting some decided to dry super fast and get stringy while others behaved themselves, I'm looking at you Sinful Amethyst. So all in all I don't feel it's my best but the poor paranoid bunny kinda grew on me.

Polishes used:
  • Sinful Colors base coat / Seche Vite top coat
  • Essie Blanc
  • Sally Hansen Black Diamond
  • Sally Hansen I Pink I Can
  • China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le 
  • Sinful Colors Mint Apple
  • Sinful Colors Amethyst
  • Sinful Colors Let's Meet
  • OPI Skinny Dip'n In Lake Michg'n
  • Pure Ice Hot Tamale

Happy holiday to all who will be celebrating this weekend, may the chocolate be ever in your basket. (Hunger Games joke, see what I did there? You're welcome.) Thanks for reading!


  1. I believed you when you told me your bunny looked shocked, but you lied, he looks so cute and wide eyed!! I love him! You're too hard on yourself, haha. You really did well with an Easter theme and dark colors, I am very, very impressed.

    1. Thank you! I think they looked really horribad in person but at least someone likes them haha.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!! I hated them at first but they kinda grew on me after a while.