Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Alive!

You may (or may not, who knows) have noticed a lack of posting for the past month. I so did not expect moving to be this big of an ordeal. You may now sleep soundly with the knowledge that I am not gone, just awash in a sea of half unpacked boxes. Also the day after we got here there was already an elderly family member in the hospital so suffice it to say, life has been hectic here. (Don't worry, they are alright and will be home soon themselves.) So I am hoping that in the next few weeks everything will settle down enough for me to resume my normal posting schedule. Oh man, I already have new pretties to show you guys! Thanks for sticking around during my absence, you are all awesome! Hope to see you all again soon! How many sentences can I end with an exclamation mark?! Did that one count because it also had a question mark?! I must stop this madness!