Monday, December 17, 2012

It's About Time!

Happy Monday everyone! Yes, it really is a happy one because this weekend my best friend got engaged!

I've known my best friend for 12 years now, and for at least 9 of those years she has been dating one of my other best friends (who I call my brother and he calls me his sister). So if you're wondering why the title of this post is "it's about time", it's because that's what pretty much everyone who has ever known them said when we found out the great news haha. So of course this called for celebration nail art!

Polishes used:

  • Seche Rebuild base coat / Seche Vite top coat
  • Essie Master Plan
  • Sinful Colors Firefly
  • Heart shaped rhinestones from the dollar store
  • One piece of loose hex glitter from Born Pretty Store

Pardon my winter/overworked hands. I've gone through like a half a tube of lotion in the past few days to no avail. Yellow and gray are one of my friend's favorite color combinations so that part was a given. When I first got the assorted shaped rhinestones from the dollar store I was all like "wtf who makes hearts yellow" but I guess I owe the dollar store an apology cause these were immediately what I thought of when I started this design. The one piece of loose hex glitter photographed dark but it's a bright shiny silver and is supposed to be the diamond on the band of the ring. The pics and my rough hands make this look a lot thicker and rough than it is, in person it comes across as a really sweet and delicate mani and I'm totally loving it. That little piece of glitter really catches the light and sparkles like a little itty bitty diamond and we all know I love anything sparkly so this is a winner!



  1. Hahaha, I love this post so much!! Nails dedicated to me, it's so wonderful! I love them! Thank you!

    1. Anytime! You know I love an excuse to paint my nails haha.

  2. This is so cute,love the nail art,and congrats to both of your friends!