Friday, December 21, 2012

Peppermint Swirls

Happy Friday guys! It's almost Christmas and I'm starting to get excited underneath all the present wrapping stress. How is the apocalypse today treating you?

Today I have a mani I just couldn't help but try, I knew as soon as I saw this adorable look created by A Girl And Her Polish. Take a look at my version below:

Natural light
Polishes used:

  • Seche Rebuild base coat / Seche Vite top coat
  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby
  • Zoya Logan
  • Confetti Lots O Dots
  • Red Angel stamping plate RA-110

I learned a few things while making this one. Firstly, I learned that while Essie makes lovely colors, I will never again pay $8 for a white polish. I finally finished my bottle of Essie Blanc and when I opened this new bottle of SC Snow Me White I was kind of amazed at the difference. If I was more careful I bet I could have made this a one coater! Secondly, I am way out of stamping practice. This is the first time I used any of the half moon shaped plates but man I had the worst time trying to line them up in any kind of decent fashion on the nail. Hence the dot garlands across the top lol. The ring finger came out the way I imagined but the others are all a bit off. I love the look anyways. It keeps making me smile every time it catches the light and all the little holo sparkles light up ^_^

I guess I need to get back to stamping work cause man am I rusty. Do you guys have a type of stamping image you just do not get along with?


  1. I have a few plates that just don't transfer we'll. Depends on the quality I think.

  2. This is really cute!! Love the sparkly peppermint print!

  3. This looks super cute! I can't tell that they're crooked at all. I've never used the half moon designs for that same reason, it would be such a fail that I decided to spare your eyes.

  4. this is really pretty! you gave yourself away i thought this was all done on purpose (garland) I absolutely love Snow me White :)

  5. Me encanta, es perfecta para navidad!

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