Monday, November 19, 2012

Swatch Day - Pure Ice Pardon My French

It's Monday but that's okay, cause this week is Thanksgiving and that means I can stuff my face!

Today I have a swatch of one of the polishes from my birthday haul, Pure Ice Pardon My French. It was a total pain in the butt to photograph, not just because I haven't found a decent place to take photos here yet but also because this sucker is packed with glitter. I did however manage to take one accidental ridiculously awesome picture so I'll lead with that, put your best foot (finger?) forward and what not. Take a look!

Polishes used:
  • Seche Rebuild base coat / Seche Vite top coat
  • Pure Ice Pardon My French

This polish is part of the new Diamond Couture line from Pure Ice now that they are owned by Revlon. It caught my eye because I haven't really seen any glitters this particular kind of fall color. This is a very dark brown almost black jelly base with gorgeous bronze colored small glitter and larger hex glitter. I got quite a few compliments on it, so it's definitely an attention grabber! All of the above pictures are two coats and application was nice and easy. The formula was a little thick with so much glitter packed in but it flowed off the brush without a problem and there was no need to fish around for the larger pieces. I do feel like this was a little easier to work with than some of my older pre-Revlon Pure Ice polishes but that may be the glitter, so I will have to wait until I swatch the other non-glitter color to make that call. This feels a tiny bit textured on the nail but it's hardly noticeable and it's not what I would call top coat hungry by any means. Overall this is just a unique fun color in my collection and great for fall, I'm glad I got it. I did add some orange glitter from the Born Pretty Store (as seen in my last post) to make it a little more festive for Thanksgiving and it looked super awesome but of course I couldn't photograph it for crap. It's just as well cause by that point it was going on a few days and it finally chipped, gee shame time to change the polish hehe. 

I'm off to start searching for my little food chopper in preparation for making turkey stuffing later in the week. Are you all looking forward to Thanksgiving too?


  1. This glitter is delicious. But then again, pretty much anything bronze does it for me. As for Thanksgiving, we Canadians celebrated that last month. That said, I'm all for watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on TV. :D

    1. I hear ya, I'm a sucker for bronze too. I'll eat some extra stuffing for you ^_^

  2. oh my! absolutely gorgeous! :)

  3. Replies
    1. I am super excited to try a lot of the newer Pure Ice polishes now, I love this one too!