Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Wednesday everyone, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Happy belated Thanksgiving to all the Canadians :P This is a short and sweet one, there's food to cook!

For today I knew I had to show off some turkey love, completely inspired by the most adorable Thanksgiving mani by Lydia at Sekhmet's Purple Castle. I just love her turkeys so freakin much! Mine are not even close to how awesome Lydia's are but I still love my lil guy.

Normally this is where I tell you the polishes I used but this was an impromptu polishing session using many polishes that are not my own. Translation: I followed my mom to her normal nail appointment and I played with a bunch of polishes at the salon. I do know that they were all OPI with the exception of the black which was China Glaze Liquid Leather. Also Mr. Turkey was done with a striper polish brush that I kept cleaning between polish colors. The orange was a neon with a silver/orange glitter over it. The lady who does my mom's nails took a picture of my turkey before we left lol.

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday with friends and family! See you on Friday after I make a few attempts at dragging myself out of the food coma >.<