Friday, August 17, 2012

Sloppy Giraffe (Bet You Never Thought Of Those Words Together Before)

Happy Friday all! I want to be a sparkly giraffe when I grow up, so I can be tall... and sparkly.

Today I bring you the rare and elusive poorly stamped sparkly giraffe, careful it's shy. I had all these grand plans for today's mani but then a total lack of motivation hit as the week caught up to me and well... you'll see for yourselves.

Polishes used:

  • Seche Rebuild base coat / Seche Vite top coat
  • Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
  • Orly Prince Charming
  • Pure Ice Don't You Wish
  • Red Angel stamping plate RA-107

Now don't get me wrong, it's not awful. I actually grew rather fond of it. I was expecting I guess a different result from Prince Charming but oh well, I think the faded parts give it some more credibility as giraffe spots. Like giraffe street cred. Pardon my weird looking fingers, I overdid it on the cuticle cream. Better than not using any though, right? 

Starting tomorrow my packing efforts kick into high gear so posting may or may not be sporadic until the move is complete. Only a week and a half left aaahhhhhh so excited! Now then, while I go contemplate what exactly a giraffe needs with street cred, I leave you with some pictures of very unhappy Mr. Chewie with his e-collar.

I will end you for this, human.

Maybe after this nap though.


  1. Aww cute cat! I think your giraffe stamping is adorable!

  2. awww love the kitty! i love the sparkly giraffe. :)

  3. Oh that always makes me sad but laugh a little when I see pets with cones. :(

  4. I like the subdued giraffe stamping. Poor Mr. Chewie, it's fun none of my cats had to wear those collars for castration - maybe they use a different technique here...

  5. I like the stamping! Feel bad for your poor kitty though :(

  6. Lol, when I read Sloppy Giraffe I just keep thinking of a really 'slow' giraffe with a droopy neck going all "Hey yo guuuys!".

    Either way I like them! You should call this mani Geoffrey. Geoffrey Giraffe, the slightly thug giraffe with tons of street cred.

  7. Awhhh Chewie really is so cute! Bless him. I'm also loooving the nails ^-^

  8. Cute cat! :) And I love the manicure! :)

    Would you like to join our nail challenge maybe? :)

  9. LOL, I love your sloppy giraffe manicure. I must admit, I've never thought of stringing those words together. You know what I DO like combining with "giraffe"? "Gaffe". Say it with me: Giraffe Gaffe! Giraffe Gaffe! Giraffe Gaffe!

    PS: I'm really bad at remembering to visit blogs. Even my favourite ones. Which definitely includes yours. And I think this blog is pretty fantastic, so now I'm sad that I haven't been visiting lately. :( Where else can I read a blog written by a cat? ;)

    1. Ohhh, just noticed the date for this entry. Upside: I guess I didn't miss that many of your lovely posts. Downside: Where are youuuuu?

  10. Very cute! First thing I thought of when I read "sloppy giraffe" was a drunk little giraffe with a reeeally long silly straw in his daiquiri. >_<

    Hope the move's going well and that Chewie's feeling loads better!