Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mini Haul!

I went to Sally's for a new bottle of Seche Vite (which in my defense I really did need). I couldn't help myself. The husband guy was there, he could have stopped it. Instead, some new pretties followed me home!

There was a sale and what was left of their Hunger Games collection was hanging out looking like it wanted a nice home. Also there was an offer going for some Seche stuff for free with the purchase of two China Glaze polishes. I totally didn't expect my discount table finds to count but they did, score!  From left to right you're looking at Seche Rebuild base/top coat, China Glaze Fast Track, Smoke And Ashes, and Agro. All this plus my bottle of SV Quick Dry top coat that I originally went in for was under $18. I feel accomplished ^_^


  1. Replies
    1. I was all proud of myself but then I got the "Really? MORE polish??" look from the husband haha

  2. great haul! :) can't wait for swatches!