Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Awards?!

You guys are killing me... with kindness! I can now add two more awards to my award page thanks to the super awesome Brianna and Maisky! ^_^ It seriously blows my mind that not only do people look at my nail habit photos but also actually read what I have to say. So a huge thank you to these lovely fellow bloggers and also to all of my readers. I would still be painting my nails and taking pics cause I'm just weird like that but it's very nice to know that there are so many sweet people who take the time to look and comment. I really appreciate all of your feedback and for those of you with your own blogs I love to see all the great things you come up with as well!

So thank you all for enjoying Nailpocalypse, now 100% trans-fat free! Wait.. I mean no more comment verification code (which in my defense I had no idea was even turned on, thanks Sue :P).


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    1. Thank You! You started it all by spoiling me with my first one haha ^_^

  2. Hurray!! Congrats on the awards.

  3. See how much easier that makes it to comment. (be grateful I considered doing it one word at a time).

    1. LOL I would have taken a screenshot and saved it for posterity. I am now extra happy when I comment on other people's blogs and they were smarter than me and already turned it off :P

  4. deserve every single one of them! You and Chewie are awesome. ;)

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    1. Thank you! ^_^ I feel much better about that, I had no idea I was robot checking you all lol.