Friday, March 30, 2012

First post, awwwww yeah!

You've found one of the many nail blogs floating around on the internet. What makes this one different, you may ask? I suppose nothing other than the fact that IT'S MINE! I've never actually had a blog before so do pardon the rambling that I will no doubt inflict upon whatever readers may stumble into this mess. I'm just a girl with a new obsession with nail polish and a camera, seemed like the right thing to do. While I've always liked nail polish (and anything sparkly or shiny), it has recently become more of an outlet for me. Since I never really took it seriously as a hobby before, I am more or less a beginner compared to most other nail bloggers. So sit back and enjoy the show as I learn and grow with this whole nail endeavor. If nothing else I bet my horrible cuticles and sloppy polish will make you feel a little better about yourself.